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  We are pleased to assist families, individuals, attorneys and businesses in the Chattanooga TN area and surrounding counties with their transition, conservatorship, liquidation and/or appraisal requirements.

When Do You Need an Appraisal ?

Before you buy or sell a valued asset, a certified appraisal is neccessary to determine fair market vaule. Insurance coverage valuation is another reason someone would need an appraisal. People often need a professional valuation of their property during estate planning or for use during divorce negotiations. Perhaps you are interested in making a charitable donation of property. If you’re planning to donate  items or collections worth more than $5,000 to a non-profit, the IRS requires a “gift appraisal.” Bankruptcies and equal distribution among heirs are further examples of times when a certified appraisal would be in order. Dale Smith and The Estate Troopers offer the services of experienced and nationally certified appraisal experts who work to provide thorough, well-researched, accurate and defensible fair market appraisals. 

** Dale Smith has completed the coursework and continuing education and is a member in good standing with the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA). He is also USPAP certified **

Insurance Appraisals

  • An appraisal documents the existence, condition and replacement value of your belongings. It is wise practice to have an updated appraisal every five years.

Estate Appraisals

  • An appraisal is necessary for a taxable estate. One must accurately inventory the property to provide an appraisal that meets the IRS requirements.

Equal Distribution Appraisal

  • An appraisal is needed to settle divorce or estates for fair distribution of property that is based on fair market value.

Donation Appraisals

  • An appraisal is recommended to substantiate a donation to a charitable organization of $1,000 but it is required for any donation above $5,000.

Pre-move Appraisal

  • An appraisal is recommended due to the limited protection for damage or loss by a moving company.

How is an Appraisal Performed?

We begin the appraisal process with an on-site examination of your valued assets. We will then inventory and photograph the items while noting details and evaluating the overall condition. Thorough market research including past sales and history of the item is conducted off-site to ensure proper valuation. Clients are provided an appraisal report containing the following:


  • A Complete Description of the Item(s) which includes age, measurements, condition
  • Value and Explanation of How the Value was Determined
  • Digital Photography Appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and are available by printed copy, CD or electronic transmission.

Estate Sale Services

Services Offered

 As a certified personal property appraiser, Dale Smith and The Estate Troopers offer a personalized service to accommodate every client. Whether you are a senior relocating to another state or a family member helping with the sale of a loved one’s belongings, we can help you make the best plan to liquidate your items. We recognize that each situation is unique and after your personal and professional consultation, we will formulate a plan to accommodate your needs while earning the most for you. Our professionals can assist you with the following:

  • Estate Sale Planning and Management
  • Downsizing Sale
  • Senior Relocating and Moving
  • Entire Liquidation of Home Contents – Buyout
  • Appraisals

All sales are conducted on-site in a timely manner to minimize stress and maximize your returns. 

Downsizing Sale

  You or a loved one may, at some point, decide that it is time to move into a smaller home (also known as downsizing). This can be a challenging and overwhelming task to organize and sort through years of memories and personal items.The certified and experienced professionals at The Estate Troopers are available to help you in the organizing and sale of your personal belongings so your items can fit into a smaller space. First we will have a personal consultation with you to plan the sale and go through the items you wish to sell. After the plans are made, we will take over and coordinate the sale. The Estate Troopers will operate the sale on-site in an efficient manner so as to maximize your profits and to minimize your stress. During the downsizing process, you can expect us to do the following: 

  • Take photos and write descriptions of the items,
  • Sort the items,
  • Research and price the items for maximum returns,
  • Start advertising in a variety of locations including the internet,
  • Stage the items in an attractive manner to appeal to buyers,
  • Conduct the sale,
  • Clean the home after the sale,
  • Secure the empty home,
  • And finally, hand you the proceeds of the sale. 

  • Often due to our extensive repeat shopper based attendance and expertise in advertising, the sale of the home is procured during our estate sale. Your real estate professional of choice is welcome to attend the sale and answer questions posed by prospective buyers. If you have moved out of the home prior to the sale, the key to the home can be given to The Estate Troopers and we can then handle the downsizing sale completely. 


 Estate Troopers gave me the comfort of family when my family wasn't there. I can never say thank you enough.  May your lives be blessed and your business prosper in the years to come with many more happy stories and letters of recommendation from your other Estate Trooper clients .   P. McCurry

 Thanks for everything you have done for us. I will be more than happy to recommend you to any future prospective clients.  D. Miller

Estate Troopers helped close out my aunt's estate on short notice when we were in a real time crunch. A couple years later, I used them again when I decided to move and downsize my own estate. Honest and thorough folks.  S. Whelchel

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